Andrea Di Cicco
born in Pistoia (Italy) on August, the 15th,1962
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Full professor in Physics

Head of the Physics Division - School of Science and Technology, University of Camerino, Italy

Responsible for the University of the International Research Networks.

Permanent address:
Sezione di Fisica
Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie
Università di Camerino
Via Madonna delle Carceri 9
62032 Camerino (MC), Italy
Tel +39-0737-402535
Lab +39-0737-402550
PhD in Physics (University of Rome ``La Sapienza") 1988-1991. Researcher (1990), associate Professor (2000) and then full Professor (2018) in Condensed Matter Physics. He published as main author or co-author more than 200 publications on international journals (including conference proceedings), cited more than 8000 times (May 2023) in the literature. Current h-index is 46 ( ISI WoK ) or 49 ( Google Scholar ). He is presently included in the "top italian scientist" list of the Virtual Italian Academy . Invited speaker at several international conferences and referee for many scientific journals. Chairman of the XAFS14 and LAM14 international conferences, he is co-editor of 3 books of proceedings, one EPJ Special Topic issue and 1 book about GnXAS. He has been, several times, invited scientist at SSRL , ESRF, and in Japan (Aichi, Toyama, Kumamoto) and invited professor at University of Paris-Sud (XI), UPMC (Paris VI, international chair), Rennes. Past president of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society and past chair of the International X-ray Absorption Society ( IXAS). He participated to panels for scientific awards, selecting personnel in Universities, INFM and CNR, and for project evaluation (national and international including ESF and NSF). His main research activity regarded the development and the execution of X-ray absorption, scattering and photoemission experiments performed at international synchrotron radiation facilities (PULS/PWA Frascati (I), LURE, Orsay (F), SSRL, Stanford (CA), ESRF, Grenoble (F), Elettra (I)) and FELs. He has been awarded in August 2015 of the "outstanding achievement award" (Stern prize) of the International X-ray Absorption Society IXAS. He is part of international boards and leaded several original research projects in this field. He currently coordinates the activity of the XAS group at Camerino. He is co-author of the advanced GnXAS multiple-scattering data-analysis method, available for the scientific community through the GnXAS website. He is currently engaged in research about matter under extreme conditions and on materials for energy applications. He has been responsible of the TIMEX project for the exploitation of the free electron laser Fermi@Elettra source, and consultant (2007-2013) at the ELETTRA/FERMI synchrotron radiation and FEL facility (XAFS beamline and TIMEX). He has been responsible of the Italian unit within the European project SIRBATT for studying and developing new materials for Li-ion batteries. He has been involved in several national research projects (PRIN). He coordinated (2017-2023) the PhD programs in Physics, Earth and Materials Sciences at the University of Camerino. He is currently responsible of the Physics Division and he is delegate of the Rector for the international research networks.

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Pdf (18 MB) version of A. Di Cicco thesis for the high school degree "The beginning of our century: the progress in physical sciences due to quantum mechanics during the first 30 years of the 20th century" ("LĀ“inizio del nostro secolo: il progresso nelle scienze fisiche dovuto alla meccanica quantistica nei primi trent'anni del 900" in Italian, Jun 1981).

Pdf (7 MB) version of a high school group work "City planning of Rome from 1870 to 1970" ("L'urbanistica di Roma dal 1870 al 1970" in Italian, 1977).

Pdf (4 MB) version of A. Di Cicco thesis for the middle school degree "Il futurismo" ("Il futurismo" in Italian, Jun 1976).

Musiche per il teatro a Roma nel 1979/1980.

Natale a casa Di Cicco 1972 ...

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